About Destiny Funerals

Destiny Funeral Services was established in the year 2000 with a purpose to offer
economical funeral services to the lower and middle income earner. Having
established ourselfs in the funeral industry boasting complete funeral
services inclusive of a 14 bed mortuary, state of the art repatriation area,
a fleet of 6 vehicles, equipment, a show room and honest reliable members of


We are dedicated to dignity, compassion and honesty hence our motto
"dedicated to dignified services"
We pride ourselves with an existing clientele of more than 5000 members and
we are still growing. Our funeral covers are underwritten by Old Mutual (Group
Funeral Schemes) licensed financial services provider.

The business is a closed corporation with the principal member being Mr
Jagarnath (Nicky) who has  been in the industry for 15years and is very well versed
with the dynamic traditions that the people of South Africa need.